Farrukh is a professional Food consultant showcasing her natural aptitude across horizons of Food Styling, Food Photography and Recipe development. She has an innate ability and a unique sense of aesthetics that makes the food images speak out for themselves. She brings out the best of textures, perspectives, lighting and over all mood which just marries the food to give out a spell binding image. Her unfathomable zeal and love for food is evident from her images which conveys that she has her heart and soul in them. The flamboyant and diverse contrasting myriads of images presented in her portfolio projects her dynamic range and leaves the viewer enthralled.

       Farrukh is a fun loving, simple living and a congenial personality who wasn't aware of her passion till a couple of years ago. After completing her graduation in Microbiology and PG-Diploma in Naturopathy from Mumbai, she migrated to Bangalore and stays with husband and two beautiful God-gifted kids. She loves travelling, knowing and learning about different cultures and regional delicacies, specially being fond of Kerala and Keral cuisines. So, till a couple of years back, she never realised that Food Styling and Photography is what she was made for. She started blogging at “Cubes N Juliennes” more than two years ago and carved out her unexplored talent to demonstrate her capabilities to the world. The journey has been from creating and writing up recipes to clicking the most stylish, captivating and drool worthy food images.

       Excelling in her photography skills, she has been part of the food industry for the last one year and above, signing up for interesting collaborations and assignments. She is available to take up professional engagements as a Food Styling and/or a Food Photographer, Recipe development and Menu designing. 

For more information about Farrukh and her work you can surf through her 

Blog www.cubesnjuliennes.com and Photography Portfolio at www.farrukhazizansari.com 

You may reach out to her by writing an email to




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